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College Game Show Do You Remember Being a 5th Grader



We know you're Smarter than a 5th Grader...
Beat the Banker at a College EventWe want to know -
a 5th Grader?

This Fun filled game show is not only a game, but a
fun-filled tripdown memory lane.

Written specifically for this years high school through college seniors, questions all come from pop culture from 1999-2006 (and updated each year) so brush up on your one hit wonders, your news from those years Contestants winningand all those things you THOUGHT you'd remember forever because we're about to put your memory to the test! You may even be asked to sing songs Karaoke style or do dances you thought you'd never do again - all so you can win cash and prizes!

They were the days of Nintendo 64, of Sega Dreamcast, of boy bands and the Y2K bug fears. It was a time when all you had to do was learn the lyrics of songs, the cheat codes to games and watch TV. The internet was still in its infancy, but was catching on full steam and people were getting rich with IPO's - how well do you remember it all?

"The Game Show went really well!!!! I really enjoyed Gus and Cory and they were more than helpful and welcoming to our students. I would say that I am 100% happy and look forward to future programing opportunities with Game Shows To Go!"

-Kelly Carew - North Central College


How's your memory?

  • -What year did Princess Diana die?
  • - Alan Diaz won a Pulitzer Prize for a photo of a 7 year old Cuban boy and his uncle hiding in a closet while an INS officer, in full battle gear, was pointing a machine gun at them, what was the little boys name?
  • -What was the name of the restaurant where the Seinfeld gang usually met?
  • -Brittney Spears released " one more time" in January 1999 - can you sing a song from that album? (NO is not an acceptable answer!)


The soundtrack of hits from your elementary school years, combined with questions from that same era makes "Do You Remember Being a Fifth Grader" a wonderful evening of entertainment that will have students playing "do you remember" for a long time after the show is over.

It's part game show, part nostalgia show and a whole lotta fun!

Quick Facts About the Game

  • -Media rich game play with video, music, slide shows and more
  • -Fun and entertaining host keeps the game interesting
  • -Prizes help get students to the event and help them remember it long afterwards
  • -Show is available as a full-production show, or as a one or two man "fly-in" show opening many more dates than road shows. If you have a good sound system and a projector and screen, you can host this show anywhere in the country!
  • -Entertaining host at every show.
  • -Great show promo helps you promote the event with ease
  • -Topical format makes it easy for students to get excited about
  • -Lots of audience participation - including both as contestants and as the "panel" of 5th grade experts.


"We loved having you guys come to our campus. The program proved very succesfull. We have over 100 student come to the event. Which is a very big number in our program attendance. We were so pleased with the production value of your show that we are in talking with booking another event. :)"

-Ricardo Soliz - Texas State University


Available as a Full Production Show OR
As a FLY IN "Budget" show with Nationwide Availability


Audience Involvement !

We know that everyone wants to participate - so we get the whole audience involved. Some of them will play on stage. [...]

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People often ask when is the best time to book a show. The answer is that you should request a contract as soon as you have made a decision to host a show [...]

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