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Alcohol Awareness Special Edition!

Once again we put to use our game show Survey Says as a way to open discussion and drive home important points, this time about Alcohol awareness and abuse.

Working with college programming and counseling professionals we came up with a bunch of surveys such as “Name a potential unwanted side effect of over drinking”. Because Survey Says is about the most popular answers given there are no “wrong answers” just ones that didn’t make our survey. Because it’s in the form of a game show, not a lecture, students are dialed in instead of tuned out to the discussion. Their minds are actively engaged the ENTIRE program trying to imagine the answers that are on the scoreboard. Can that be said about a lecture? Discussion between rounds gives further information and resources to the audience without lecturing them. We call it “Teaching without Preaching” and it seems to be very effective.

Best of all – you’ll draw an audience that may not come to a “lecture” because there are cash and prizes being given away and while there is a serious message to the show – the game play is a lot of fun.

We’re hoping to get good video of one of our “Bronze Level” shows with this topic in the next couple of weeks – so watch for that soon. Until then, give CJ or Gus a call and let us explain how this amazing program works and how we can bring it to your campus.

Call TODAY or fill out a form for full pricing and availability and to get your date on the calendar today.

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