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Race Cars To Go

The latest addition to The "To Go Events" Family is Micro Reality Racing - or as we call it "Race Cars To Go" (of course).

Let’s Race at YOUR PLACE! Indoors or Outdoors!

What is the #1 Spectator Sport in the USA? Football? – Nope. Baseball? Nope. It’s NASCAR!!!

But now you don’t have to just watch because we’ll bring the race to your place!

Experience all of the thrills, chills and excitement of stock car racing with 1/10th scale stock cars racing at a scaled speed of 200 mph! The track itself is 16’ wide x 28’ long (can be set up as small as 16x16 with a round set up if space is a concern).

Our giant banked curve track (available in 9 different track orientations) puts 6 slotless, remote control cars in the hands of your guests.

There are dramatic passing attempts, glorious crashes and adrenaline pumping excitement as drivers compete to in a 15 lap race to the checkered flag. Winners of each heat get a checkered flag as a souvenir and it becomes a walking advertisement for your event. Helping to draw even more spectators. Best of all - it's just as addicting to watch as it is to race!

Each event includes full set up, simple technical needs (power and a couple of tables – and a tent or covered area if outdoors), 6 driving stations with steering wheels, throttle and car numbers, lap counter, ability to customize electronic signage, back ups of everything that could go down during the event and a staff of friendly, fun and knowledgeable people.

It’s non-stop action, high speed spin-outs, spectacular crashes, and all of the bumping and rubbing of real stock car racing.

We can service 100-120 people per hour at this attraction and students will line up to play again and again. We can play even more if you're at a major, high traffic, event by making the races 10 laps instead of 15.

Colleges call Everything But The Mime: Carol Studer at 407.856.2412 all others call C.J. Johnson at The To Go Events Family 800-462-4424 ext. 1 or 512-431-9579



  • — 2 110V outlets or a generator if outside.
  • — Minimum of 20x20 space, for a round track. Up to 20 x 32 for our largest size (or any size in between).
  • — Flat space to set up. Doesn't necessarily need to be level, but it does need to be a flat space.
  • — If outdoors we should be under a tent and protected from direct sunlight. Our cars and steering columns are electronic and extreme heat from direct sunlight can damage them.
  • — Outdoor events the client assumes all risks for weather.
  • — Two parking spaces for a truck pulling a trailer.
  • — Close access to load in - we're carrying 3000 lbs of gear - the closer we can get to load in - the better.
  • — 90 minutes to two hours for set up, 60-90 minutes for load out.


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