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Brain Cell Corporate Cell Phone Based Live Game Show



Note: This is our College Demo Video - We'd love to shoot corporate video at your event and can possibly arrange a discount for your show if you allow us to film and use that video.

Game Shows To Go helped San Antonio Water System put on a customized show to educate high school students about water usage and conservation. We customized and branded every aspect of the show for them and the results were... well... we'll let this video tell you how they were.

Game Shows To Go helped Verizon Wireless' Little Rock Call Center celebrate dramatic increases in customer service with our Brain Cell Game Show. We even included Confetti Cannon finale' and some customization of the game play to help them achieve their event objectives.

Time lapse of us setting up Brain Cell for a College Event. This was a cross between a silver and gold show - not quite all of the production we provide for a gold show.


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