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Are You Smarter?Brain Cell Corporate Cell Phone Based Live Game Show



Let's Brainstorm Ideas...
Sales Meetings...

The fully interactive elements of Brain Cell's game play gives great opportunity to quiz people about their knowledge of a product line, company policies and procedures and more. You'll even be able to poll your audience, take surveys, vote and more - all in the format of a game show.

All questions can be customized for your event.

Product Launches...

So you've spent a day teaching folks at an event about your new product line and your company. Reinforce that information in a fun filled way - through a game show!

Event Wrap Up Shows...

What better way to wrap up an event than by sending everyone home smiling. Wrap up your day long or week long event in a fun filled way and combine good clean fun with a reminder about what they've learned during the meeting. They'll be fully engaged in the show because they'll be playing along the whole time.

Entertainment Events...

This is a slam dunk, no brainer. Selected members of the audience play a game. Period. No agenda. No lessons. No morals. Just good old fashioned entertainment that gives you a chance to interact with friends and co-workers. How you pick the contestants is up to you - but we've got suggestions that will get you the very best people for putting on a show.

Perfect for: Holiday Banquets, After Dinner Entertainment, Family Events, Company Picnics or any time you need great entertainment.

Other ways to use our Texting and Text to Screen Technology...

Our software and technology is really cool & it's a closed loop, unlike twitter #hashtags that are occasionally used, but which cannot be filtered. All messages go through our gateway and approval before being posted or shared.

Communication & Logistics. The Texas Association of Magicians used our software to communicate with it's attendees. Timely reminders of what was next on the schedule and in what rooms, last minute changes and more were efficiently communicated to several "sub groups" in the convention. Dealers were even able to run specials based on a text message sent by the TAOM.

Questions and Answers: Efficiently moderate your Q&A sessions by having those messages forced into 140 characters, and by allowing a moderator to choose and preview which questions will be of the best use to all in the group, and allow for two way messaging to answer questions best handled privately.

Brain Storming Sessions: Imagine having groups at tables working on projects as groups, then sending their best ideas to a central screen or screens for the entire room to see and feed off of. Further, imagine getting a full print out of all the ideas and discussions to take home with you. Well imagine no more. We can do that for you and make it all look custom created for your company. For larger groups we can even bring in additional messaging systems to have multiple screens going on at once.

Dinner time or cocktail hour chat: Make the dinner hour more entertaining by allowing your guests to text what they liked best about the meeting to the video screens in the room. They can also give shoutouts to their regions, hometowns, managers, friends, wives etc. It's a great way to make the room bond and to create an easy way to create conversations as they discuss messages on the screen.

The possibilities are almost endless. Here's what our software can do:

  • Poll an audience and allow them to vote.
  • Create instant graphs of these votes.
  • Put messages sent to our text line on the big screen almost instantly.
  • Allow users to create custom colors and names for their messages.
  • Automatically filter out profanity or inappropriate messages.
  • Allow for live filtering of messages.
  • Allow for the opportunity to send individual messages back to users to answer questions.
  • Allow the moderator to move messages to the top of the display queue.
  • If we don't already have a solution, we'll create one just for you!

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