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Check out our custom shows that educate and entertain

Teaching without Preaching!

Our Special "Purposeful Programming" shows for colleges tackle subjects such as Distracted Driving, Black History and Alcohol Awareness in a fun way that draws attention to a subject and informs, without students feeling like they're at a lecture. Our shows are well researched, well prepared, and best of all... well received on college campuses across the country.

Black History Month

Survey Says has an incredible show ready to go for Black History Month.

The goal... to create a show that was a celebration of African American Culture... without getting preachy or too dry. Learn more about it here. We accomplished our goal.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the greatest threats to the lives and well being of college students today.

Brain Cell - our game show that is based completely around your cell phones is a perfect way to draw attention to the issue. Information drawn from the US Department of Transportation, assorted insurance companies and other research is combined with common sense and suggested strategies for being a responsible driver. All in the form of a game show.

Best of all, many schools have found that they can get outside funding and grants to put on these programs - so it's possible to end up with a great show without using any of your programming budget.

Find out more.

Alcohol & Drug Awareness

We have a wonderful program focusing on Alcohol Awareness for BONK.

Once again, we've found a nice balance between lessons and fun. Lots of great information to raise awareness without coming across as preaching to your students. Advertise a game show, educate them while they're there.

This is a great program to bring to campus just before Spring Break.

Battle of the Sexes Style Show

Recently Howard College used Survey Says as part of their rivalry between the male and female dorms. Survey Says is perfect for this style/theme of a show. If you're having a Battle of the Sexes or any other rivalry event - Survey Says is a great way to put two teams head to head in competition!

LGBTQ Awareness/Diversity

The University of New Orleans needed a special program for their diversity week and Game Shows To Go stepped up and created a really fun, informative and entertaining version of Survey Says that opened discussions, got everyone thinking and actively engaged the minds of everyone in attendance. We now have that show 100% ready to go for your campus too!

Custom Shows

Do you have an idea for a special theme show? We'd love to talk to you about it.

If it's an idea that we think other schools will be interested in, and if we have enough lead time, we can write the content for the show at no additional cost. We do this because we know that once it's written we'll be able to use the show again and again for other schools in the College Market.

Additional costs may be incurred if it's short notice, if you want the material to be exclusive, or if it's not a show that we feel will be of interest to other colleges.

The best thing to do is to ASK!

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